Wednesday, 21 April 2010

PWS HW4. Step 2 - Eclipse Dynamic Web Application creation

To create the Dynamic Web Application in Eclipse, there is the basic steps.
I use Eclipse 3.3 on Mac. This could be different from other configurations.

1. Go to Help -> Install new software
2. In the Work with select: "The Eclipse Web tools Platform (WTP) Porject update site -".
3. Download "Web Toppls Platform SDK(WTP SDK) X.X", where X.X is the version.
4. Click next and then finish.

After the installation, restart the application.

To create a new Dynamic Web project:
1. Go to: File -> New -> Other
2. Select Web -> Dynamic Web Project
3. Enter the name
4. In "Target runtime" select New
5. Select Apache -> apache Tomcat V6.0 and click on "next"
6. Click on "Browse" and select the main directory where you have download Tomcat
7. Click on Finish, then you have added the server to Eclipse.
8. Click on Finish, then you have create a new Dynamic Web Application

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