Wednesday, 21 April 2010

PWS HW4. Step 3 - Eclipse Dynamic Web Application test

To test the new Dynamic Web Application create, you can create a new JSP file.

1. Right click on the DWP created and select New -> JSP
2. Write the name of the JSP. For example, test
3. Select html and click on Finish

To add it on the server:
1. Right click on the tab of Server in the bottom. Select New -> server
2. Choose tomcat V6.0 Server and select next
3. Add the DWP to the configured
4. Click on finish.
It will show the syncronized message

To run it on the server:
1. right click on the server and select start
2. Open a browser, go to:

Replace "YourDWPName" with your DWP project Name.

If you cannot run Tomcat on eclipse, you can do it by hand.

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