Monday, 24 May 2010

PWS HW1 - SAX Parser Structure

The structure of SAX that I have designed is almost the same of DOM.
  • It has 5 java files. One of them is the generic java file and the rest are the "real" parsers.
  • The generic SAX file receive all the parameters from the main java file, it initialize the parsers, receive the data parsed, generate the User Profile file using the data parsed and print it out.
  • For the communication between the generic SAX file and the "real" parsers I have reused the "beans"
  • The "real" parse files have the same structure of the DOM's "real" parse files: Two methods, one for the initialization and other for the parse.
  • The unique difference is when the parse are parsing: While DOM follow the structure of the tree, SAX reset it's memory when it find new parse element.

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