Monday, 24 May 2010


Configuration used
The configuration chose is Netbeans 6.8 + Glassfish v2.X.

You can follow the bottom up approach and the example of IBM, but most of the console command can be made using Netbeans. So, I'm going to show just steps with Netbeans.

(It seems that to have the tutorial from IBM you should provide the user name and the password. Since I won't follow it, it doesn't matter.)

*I haven't used any SOAP sniffer as SoapUI, but feel free to use it.

Requirements of this Homework
1. Provide a web services to get requested documents (Transcript, Employment Record and Company Info)
2. Provide a web service which accept Short CV and together with the files got in the step before to generate the UserProfile XML file.
3. Provide a web service which accept one criteria (city, salary, country, etc) and return the required job in XML file. You should create a Schema (XSD) file for the job XML file.
4. For each of this services, provide a client to test them.
5. Develop one of the services both in Asynchronous and Synchronous mode. Explain the asynchronous approach in very short term (3 lines)

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