Saturday, 9 October 2010

CV workshop - Covering letter

In the web page of KTH you can find good reference (check list) of Covering letter!Check_brev_sv_eng_2010.pdf

I just want to highlight some points:
  • Point 5: You should add "why do you want to work for that position". If there is not offer about a concrete position, tell them what do you want to do
  • Point 6: You should focus on what you can offer to them instead to ask for what they can offer to you.
  • Extra point: The personality is also important: How you are, what are your hobbies, etc. Cause you will be part of a team, the personality is relative to your integration to one team.
Remember: Always write a new cover letter for each new position. Do not write a general one and broadcast it.

More info:

Example of Covering letters:

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