Monday, 1 November 2010

Subversion - Tips to use the repository for eclipse in differents O.S.

For some reasons, I have a repository which I use the same time for windows, linux and Mac OS. It is a eclipse project. I want to record and share all the important things that I have noticed here.

1. Don't put your bin file under the repository. It changes with any modification of source code and it maybe create conflicts. It is almost impossible to resolve the conflicts in a binarie file.

2. Don't put your eclipse root file under the repository. It could create conflicts with the previous eclipse root file. Instead, when you are creating the project, choose "Create project from existing source" and select the directory of the repository. Then when you want to open a project, just import it.

3. Under the directory of each project, there are two hidden files: .classpath and .project. Don't put the .classpath under the repository. Cause from each O.S. the route to the library could be different (it changes radically from windows to UNIX based O.S.), you have to remove and import all the external library again.

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