Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Subvertion - Getting and running a PeerSim project from any O.S.

Using one repository and eclipse, it is possible run projects created in any Operation System. I want to show a example of how to run one PeerSim application following the tips that I published:

1. In the subversion program, checkout the repository. I use RapidSVN, which is available for windows, linux and Mac OS X.
1.1 In the RapidSVN, press Repository -> Checkout. It will ask you about the address and the local directory where you want to download the files.
1.2 Normally, it will ask you about the name and the password. It will be the user name that you use for commit (upload the changes)
2. Once you have download the project, open eclipse.
3. Open File -> import
4. Choose General -> Existing projects into workspace
5. Select the local directory where you have download the project.
6. Once your project is download, it is possible the you don't have the proper external library. (remember, I recomender exclude the file ".classpath" cause it is Operation System dependent)
6.1. Right click on the Project and choose Properties
6.2. In Java Build Path, select Libraries
6.3. Click on "Add external JARs" and select the directory of external libraries
7. Other possible problem is that your specific configuration is miss too.
7.1 Press Run -> run configuration and select the proper configuration. For PeerSim, you can follow the basic steps here.

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