Thursday, 24 February 2011

Android books - The good, the bad and the ugly

I have recommended the book of Reto Meier called "Professional Android 2 Application development" here. It is a really good book explained with all the details from an Google internal guy. This could be the best manual for Android that one can find. Everything is explained from the start to end, nothing is missed. The unique problem is that the book has more than 500 pages (576 pages) and it is quite hard to learn so much notion in short time.

Then, here comes the ugly guy. I found a new book called "The busy coder's guide to Android development" which explain everything from the practical point of view. It shows an example and then explain what is about. Step by step the reader will understand the basic notions about Android. There could be something which is missed in this book and it doesn't explain everything with such detail as Reto do, but in practical way it is the best book to learn and coding from the first moment.

Good luck with Android!

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