Friday, 18 March 2011

Mac os X - Install wget

wget is a command used to retrieve the content from the web servers. It is part of GNU project and it is completely free.

This program is not installed originally in the Mac OS X, but since the operation system is Unix based, it very easy to do it.

Open a terminal and type the following
1. Get the file via FTP

2. Extract the file
tar -xvzf wget-latest.tar.gz

3. Check the version of wget
ls -rt
The actual version is 1.12, so the file I see is wget-1.12

4. Go to wget file
cd wget-{version}
In my case,
cd wget-1.12

5. Configure

6. Make

7. Install the program
sudo make install

It will ask you for your password. Type it and press enter


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