Wednesday, 13 April 2011

How to start window faster

Everyone who has worked with windows knows that when you have a lot of program installed, you have to wait long time until it starts.

The reason behind could be some programs that enable the option to start at beginning, which make them look like running faster, but make the windows starts slower.

This problem could be solved without any external tool. You should do the follow steps:

1. Click on Start and click on "Run"
2. Write
and click on "ok".
3.You will see a new windows. It contains few tabs. Select the tab called "Start"

It contains all the programs which will start when windows starts for the first time. Basically it contains three columns: Name, Command and Place. Some times the name is not so explicit, but the Command will tells us more or less what is about.

4. Disable the applications that not form part of the core system.
5. Click on "Accept". It will shows you a alert message.
6. Click on "Exit without restart".
The next time when you started your computer, it will start just with few programs, which make windows starts faster.

Some recommendation about programs to enable or disable:
  • Green light (Should be enabled)
    • Antivirus
    • Firewalls
    • All the programs under windows directory
  • Yellow light (Could be enabled)
    • Programs relative to the graphical card or sound card provided by the hardware manufacturers
  • Red light (Should be disabled)
    • P2P programs such as Vuze, Emule, etc
    • Skype
    • Windows Live Messenger
    • QQ
    • Microsoft Office
    • Adob reader
    • iTunes
    • Any kind of Video streaming programs such as PPS.
    • Any kind of Toolbar

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