Sunday, 18 September 2011

10.000+ Page viewed

Since the purpose of this blog is not earning money, there is not any kind of advertisement, then, not need to show to anyone how many pageview per time. In fact, I could add some kind of statistic information or counter to check the status of the blog, but it could make me to pay more attention than I want to this blog, so I haven't done it.

The thing is with the new interface of blogger, the google analytics comes alone. My surprise was that today, 18th of September of 2011, more ore less 6 month after I created this blog, it seems that it has received more than 10.000 page views in total, more than 1.500 page viewed only last month. Thus, I, the humble computer engineer behind this blog, want to give thanks to everyone who has visited this blog. Since I am working with Android, I will continue write about it and more coding information.


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