Thursday, 29 September 2011

Android - GSM signal Strength table

One of the part of the phone information that Android can detect is the GSMSignalStrength. It is a value (integer) between 0-31, and the single number 99.

From the web page of Android Developer, it says that it is what is defined in TS27.007 8.5, which is the follow pdf file (Section 8.5, Signal quality + CSQ):

From this file, I have extract the follow table:

Returend value Real value Comment
0 -113 dBm or less The worse signal strength
1 -109 dBm
2 -107 dBm
3 -105 dBm
4 -103 dBm
5 ... 30 -101 dBm ... -53 dBm
31 -51 dBm The best signal strength
99 - Not known or not detectable

For more information:
Android Developers - Signal Strength:
Wikipedia - Decibels:


  1. Hi there!
    I wanted to write a software similar to Ericsson TEMS to be used in GSM/UMTS network analysis and optimisation. I tries to do it using my Nokia E71 with C#.Net. I used AT commands such as AT+CSQ, AT+CREG? to get information like RSSI, LAC, Cell ID and used timers to do it continuously.
    After a lot of hard work, I managed to get it running, but my problem is some information cannot be retrieved like neighbor cell data, ARFCN, BCCH etc.
    I think some dedicated GSM modems support AT commands to get this.

    Am I correct? Is the way I did the correct way?