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Final project in Faculty of Computer science, Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain)

This post is about the steps to report the final project in Faculty of Computer Science in Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain) if the final project has been carried out outside of Spain, as Erasmus student of double degree student. For students who have done their final project inside of the University, the procedure could be different.

1. Enroll the final project
The final project should be enrolled before it is presented. The date of enrollment starts the beginning of the academic year until 31 of July. Notice if the student hasn't presented the final project before 31st of August of the academic year when the final project is enrolled, she must enroll it again. This is because the academic year normally starts on 1st of September.

2. Report the mark and final project
From the foreign university, the student should bring the mark received for the presentation of the final degree. Most of the times, the transcript of record will be enough.

At the same time, the final project should be presented (printed). Two copies bound with hardcover will be required: One with gray cover and another one with blue cover. Several information should be presented in the cover:
  • Title of the final project
  • Author
  • Supervisor (Inside of the university)*
  • Supervisor (Foreign university)
  • Foreign university
  • Country of foreign university
* As Erasmus student or double degree student, the supervisor inside of the university is the assistant Dean of International relations.

Another thing that should be take account is in the final project, an extra summary no more than 4 pages in Spain should be added, for example, as part of introduction.

Finally, there other rules about the formatting are presented here:
  • Structure
    • Index
    • Introduction and objectives
    • Development
    • Results and conclusions
    • Bibliography
  • Page settings:
    • DIN A4 Double side
  • Margins:
    • Odd pages:
      • Top: 3.5 cm
      • Bottom: 3.5 cm
      • Left: 4 cm
      • Right: 2 cm
    • even pages:
      • Top: 3.5 cm
      • Bottom: 3.5 cm
      • Left: 2 cm
      • Right: 4 cm
    • Text:
      • high: 22.5 cm (more or less 40 lines)
      • wide: 15 cm
      • Other: Header and footer outside of the text
  • Text:
    • Font: Times Roman
    • Font size: 12
    • Color: Black
  • Chapter:
    • Sections and subsections outlined with the decimal after the chapter number.
    • Titles heading in capital letters
  • Page number:
    • Centered at the bottom margin
    • Page 1 starts in chapter 1
    • For all the preceding sections to Chapter 1: Roman numerals (lower case)
  • Bibliography
    • Sorted by surname of the author
    • All the references should include:
      • Year of publication
      • full title of the publication
      • full tittle of abbreviated journal as the standard set by a database of common use
  • Computer program (if any):
    • On any digital support attached on the back
It is also recommended to create a white page between chapters.

Here you can find this information in Spanish (Original source): Matricula del project Fin de carrera, as well as an example of the cover for normal final projects (DOC). Be aware that although the color the title in the example is red, it is just an indication. The color of the final project's title should be black. Also aware that in the example the name of the faculty and the university are missed (Compare it with the normal example)

3. Applying for the official certificate of degree
Once the final record of the project is reported to the international office and both copies are printed and presented, the international office will match the record of the foreign university to the home university.

When it is done, the procedure will be exactly like a normal. You should go to the secretariat the following documents:

  • Application for the degree (Two copies) (PDF) (DOC)
  • Two photocopies of the DNI / NIE
  • A certificate of the Library which shows that you don't have any borrowed book. You can check your borrowed books here.
  • The payment of the application (~150 euros on 5th of September 2011)
Once all the documents are presented, the secretary will put a specific stamp ("Titulo de ingeniero en informatica") on the payment document. Now it is the time to wait for the degree (from 1 year and half to 2 years)

Original document (Spanish):

4. Get the final degree
When the degree is prepared, you will receive a mail and you can go to the faculty to obtain your title. Check all the informations are right (Your name specially) when you have it.

More information
Normall procedure for the project:

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