Friday, 16 March 2012

FlickrMania - Make it works

From the web page of the course of StanFord, iPhone Application Development, taught by Paul Hegarty, there is a very good example of Core data.

It is called FlickrMania and it develops an application for iPhone which can get some photographers name and its photos from the Flickr. You can find the source code from the web page of the course:

By the way, there are some personal data that the user should fill in order to access the flickr server. You must be able to access Flickr and request the API key to Flickr.

1. Access to Flickr
You can get the user id when you have sign up for the web side:

You can either sign in with your google account or with your Facebook account. But I don't know if it will works because later you will request an API Key.

Once you have sign up, sign in the web page and click on "You", then you will see your profile information.

2. Get the API Key
To request an API Key, you should go to the follow web side:

Sign in if you are not.

In this web page, you should fill a short form telling which application use the API and write a short description. Once it is done, you will have the API key.

3. Change the object-c files
Now you should include your User Id and the API Key in the application.
3.1 Open the project in XCode
3.2 Open the file Flickr -> FlickrAPIKey.h
3.3 Copy the API Key. It should be something like this:
#define FlickrAPIKEy @"PasteYourAPIKeyHere"

Now you should be able to see the photographer and their photos in the application.

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