Thursday, 3 May 2012

Listing all the conflicted copy files in Dropbox

When there are several people share and uploading the same file or directly, there could be some conflicts. In Dropbox, they creates two files: The first file belongs to the one who has finished uploading the file/directly first (the winner) and it has the default name; the second file belongs to the another one and it has the same name with the conflict message appended.

The format could be the follow one:

file/folder name ($ComputerName's conflicted copy $Date)[original file extension]

Because it always has the same format, they can be easily listed in the unix based systems with Find and Grep.

1. Launch the terminal / Console
2. Type:

find . | grep "conflicted copy"

(Note: The char between the commands is a pipeline. Because I am using Italic for the commands, it doesn't look like it)

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