Friday, 17 August 2012

RVM - The Ruby Version Manager

Managing different version of the same compiler is always a headache for the coders. For example, Python 2.x has slightly syntax difference with Python 3.x, so some program only works on a specific version of Python...

In the case of Ruby, there is a specific Ruby Version Manager, which maks the life of the coders much easier.

Here are some easy commands:

1. List all the packages installable:

rvm list known

2. Install a specific ruby version

rvm install rubyName

For example, to install the laste version of Ruby

rvm install ruby-head

3. List all the installed rubies

rvm list

4. Uninstall a specific ruby

rvm uninstall ruby-head

5. Make some clean-up operations

rvm cleanup

Beside the official ruby, it is useful also for install other version of Rubies, such as jRuby or ironRuby.

For more information, visit the official web page of RVM;

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