Sunday, 7 October 2012

MongoDB - tutorials

Note: This is a live post. This means that it has not been closed. I will add more tutorials as I find them.

MongoDB - A tiny MongoDB browser shell (3/5)
From the official web page of MongoDB, if you press on the button "Try it out", a small interactive shell appears. From this shell, anyone could practice Mongo without installing it. If you type tutorial, a short and useful tutorial will appears.

Snail in a Turtleneck (4/5)
From a girl (yes, a girl) who is working in 10gen, the company which is behind Mongo"
As the author of two books of Mongo published by O'REILLY (Scaling Mongo, MongoDB: The definitive guide), and the one who creates the MongoDB driver for PHP, she is an expert on Mongo.
Here is a summary about the posts on her blog:
DB. As she described in her "About" page:
"My name is Kristina Chodorow and this is my personal website. It's mostly about MongoDB, which I work on, and geeky topics in general (sometimes personal stuff, too) dafsdfsdf

Learn with Video Tutorials - MongoDB Tutorials Video (3/5)
A set of video which shows you the basic commands for mongo in a easier way. Although the tutorial costs 20 dollars, there is an introduction video of 10 minutes which is quite useful.

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