Monday, 18 February 2013

Drupal 7 - Enable and use the contact form

By default, the contact form of Drupal 7 has been disabled. To enable and use it, do the follow:

1. Enable the module
1.1 On the dashboard, click on Modules
1.2 Check the Contact checkbox
1.3 On the buttom, click on Save Configuration

2. Set the contact information
2.1 On the dashboard, click on Structure
2.2 Click on the Contact form
2.3 By default, there is only one contact form: Website feedback. Click on Edit to modify the data
2.4 You could change the follow fields:
- Category: The name of the contact form
- Recipients: The person/s who/m is going to receive the contact info via mail. If there are several receivers, there must be a coma (,) between them.
- AutoReplay: The message that the person who filled the contact form will receive automatically
- Weight: It is a way to organize several contact forms. The larger number means that it is heavier, and the smaller number or negative number means that it is floating on the top.
- Selected: If the contact form will be selected by default. Note that there just can be one contact form to be selected as default.
2.5 Once all the data has been filled, click on Save.

3. Show the contact form as part of main menu
3.1 On the dashboard, click on Structure
3.2 Click on Menus
3.3 On the row of Main menu, click on Add links
3.4 Fill the data
- Menu Link title: Contact
- Path: contact
- Description: Contact form
3.5 Click on Save

4. Enable the contact form for anonymous users
4.1 On the dashboard, click on People
4.2 On the tab of the right top, click on Permissions
4.3 Check Side-wide contact form for anonymous user and authenticated user.
4.4 Click on Save permissions

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