Thursday, 21 November 2013

Installing the Subclipse to use Subversion on Eclipse

Eclipse has a very popular plugin to integrate the subversion on Eclipse. It is called subclipse and this is the steps to install it:

1. Install Subclipse
1.1 Open eclipse
1.2 Clicks on Help -> Install new software
1.3 On the right site of "Work with:", type the follow:

1.4 Check all the software and click on next
1.5 Click on Ok when eclipse ask for security issues
1.6 Restarts the eclipse

2. Modify the configuration (Optional)
If you see any error about the library of JavaHL, you could fix it changing the configuration.
2.1 Open Prefences
2.2 Under Team -> SVN, change the "SVN interface" to

"SVNKit (Pure Java) SVNKit v1.3.5.7406"
or other versions.


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