Friday, 4 April 2014

Setting multiusers for GenyMotion

GenyMotion is a tool for Android which runs the emulators on the Virtual Box of Oracle. It has plugins for eclipse, which allow the user to download and start a emulator faster than the native ones.

Since Android 4.2, the tablet version of Android has multiple users functions. This allows different owners of the same tablet have different spaces, background, accounts, etc. It is something like the multiple users function that Windows, Linux and Mac OS has.

By default, the multiple users function for the emulators of GenyMotion has been disabled. But it could be enabled with the follow commands:

1. Connect to the emulator
1.1. Starts the emulator of GenyMotion. It must has a version older than 4.2 and it must be a tablet (i.e. Nexus 10)
1.2 Open a terminal
1.3 Type the follow command in your terminal to connect to the emulator

adb -e shell

2. Check the maximum support number of users allowed
2.1 After the connection has been established, type the follow:

pm get-max-users
You will get something like:

Maximum supported users: 1

This is the default number of maximum support users.

3. Change the maximum support number of users allowed
3.1 On the terminal type the follow command to remount the disk:

mount -o rw,remount /system

3.2 Change the value in the system file typing the follow command in the terminal:

echo fw.max_users=4>> /system/build.prop

4. Restart the emulator
The easiest way to restart the emulator is use the mouse and do long click on the turn off button on the right bottom corner and select power off option.

After it, close the emulator and start it again from the plugin of Eclipse.

5. Check it
Now if you go to the setting, you will see a option called "Users" below the "Apps" option.


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