About me

Here you can find some information about me. (Updated 24th September 2011)

Personal information

  Name: Jiahao Liu
  Date of birth: 07 - Nov - 1984
• Nationality: Chinese
• Current position: Software engineer at Altran Technologies S.L.U. 

Contact information:
 Phone: 0034651482835
 Twitter:  twitter.com/jiahaoliuliu

Work experience:
 2013/07 – Now: Software engineer specialized on Android at Gowex.
   • 2012/01 – 2013/06: Software engineer at Altran Technologies S.L.U. Spain
   • 2012/09 – Now: Telefónica Smart Center project, in collaboration with Ericsson.
   • 2012/02 – 2012/06: Software engineer at Telefónica I+D. New Video Project (PopCha!). Responsible: Jose María Miranda
 2011/09 – 2011/12: Researcher junior at European Institute of Innovation & Technology at Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.
 2008/09 - 2009/02: Scholar ship holder at Altran Technologies S.L.U.

 2009/09 - 2011/08: Master of computer science: "Software engineering of distributed system" at Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. 2 Years.
 2007/09 - 2008/08: Scholar ship holder for the Babel group, which belongs to the department of Language and computer system and software engineering. Tutor: Susana Muñoz
 2004/09 - 2009/08: Bachelor at Faculty of computer science, Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM)
 2003/09 - 2004/08: Institute and official language school Cervantes (Madrid, Spain)


 Spanish: Write fluent, Read fluent
 Chinese: Write basic, read fluent
  English: Write good, read good
¡Swedish: Intermediate (Thirst level in KTH). Write basic, read good.

Programming skills:

  Android: Medium
 Java: Good
 Linux / Mac OS: Good
 Object-C: Basic
 Python: Medium
 MongoDB: Basic
 REST: Basic
 C: Medium
 SQL (MySQL): Good
 Scrum: Good
 Git: Good
 SVN: Good

Additional Information:
 Git repository at GitHub: https://github.com/jiahaoliuliu
 Several android program published on Android Market:
 Ereptum: An application which make fake calls in order to skip undesired situations.
 StepSounds: An application which plays sounds according to your steps.
 Personal Blog with 4500+ visitors/month. http://www.jiahaoliuliu.com
 Finalist at Altran Excellence 2012 for Junior Consultant.